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Beyond The Horizon – The Art of John Harris


John Harris has always sought out the bigger perspective of things, the sense of the Future, the reality of the Space in which we find ourselves. The infinite, luminous void surrounding us is the stuff from which we are made and has been an endless source of inspiration to him.

In this film, John talks about the origins of the imagery in his work, and how much of it found its natural home in the genre of science fiction.

There is now a book, The Art of John Harris; Beyond the Horizon, which contains most the work shown here and much more.

The book is available from the link below:

You can read more about John’s various projects here:

You can also watch a film about another of John’s projects called, the Secret History of the Earth:

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Video credits:

Director/Producer: Alex Freidin-Goss
Post-production: Symmetry AV
Graphics: Andrzej Lyne

All music by Paul Turner
except: “Death of a Quiet One” by Lowercase Noises and “Deliverance” by Tony Anderson