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Research Journal 5

This is the compilation of the notes of my research journal, including the biography and some other aspects related with the anatomy study. Cristian Valdes Back to Introduction Previous Journal Conclusions

Research journal 4

As the research into the drawing study progresses looking for patterns to develop a personal style and my own artistic voice, the aim of the study itself become more extensive. At the very beginning, the project mostly required the study of human anatomy of the ideal canon, but as a result of the feedback from […]

Project 2 Introduction

ANATOMY AND CHARACTERIZATION Introduction: The research carried out started with a specific aim, which was trying to make an anatomy book to help me to develop my own style and artistic voice related specifically to figure drawing. However, as soon as the research was making progress I realized that it is complex aim to achieve, […]

Project 2 Conclusion

Conclusion.   While it is true that one of my main aims was to develop my own style, it is also true that it is a quest that may take years of practice more than a project of a few months. Nevertheless there was a lot of progress in my personal understanding of the construction […]

Research Journal 3

As a complementary way to develop the most accurate line of attack to deal with the challenge of human form, I have been studying anatomy within a dynamic vision. The Video tutorials series David Finch´s  ”Dynamic Figure Drawing” but also the some of George Bridgman, Burne Hogarth and Andrew Loomis´s books are  good starting points […]

Research Journal 2

In this quest to discover my artistic approach, I have been working with the exercises in the books of B. Edwards and the first 2 chapters of J. McMullan, to the life drawing exercises cover in a practical way. For the most part the attitude to solve the visual challenge of the human figure starts […]

Research Journal 1

After maybe fifteen years of artistic practice, and I say maybe because as far as I can remember I have been surrounded by paper and pencil using a way of visual thinking to express myself more than anything else, and without any proper academic background related to it, I can say that I am filled […]