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NEXT NARRATION Chile 1970, Salvador Allende, candidate of the Socialist Party, won the presidential election and is elected president by the National Congress of Chile in a run-off as no candidate had gained a clear majority. His program of government considered not just the transformation of the political paradigm to Democratic Socialism but also, the […]

The Last Day – Conclusion

PREVIOUS NARRATION – CREDITS According to investigations carried out with the return of democracy, in Chile at least 40,018 people were victims of abuse and violation of human rights and 3,065 were killed or disappeared by the military. Nevertheless, 40 years after the coup with and 17 years under dictatorship, the social division that caused […]

The Last Day – Narration Six

PREVIOUS NARRATION – CONCLUSION Public Stament of the Military Junta After de Coup The military under the command General Palacios has taken complete control of La Moneda, while a defence to the last is continued by the MOP, all the supporters and people inside the building are detained and taken prisoner. They are grouped outside […]

The Last Day – Narration Five

PREVIOUS NARRATION – NEXT NARRATION At 13:30 the building is still on fire and after hours of confrontation, the military enters the first floor of La Moneda, while still the firing continues from the defenders inside. From the second floor, the President has decided on the complete rendition and ask his supporters to leave the […]

The Last Day – Narration Four

PREVIOUS NARRATION – NEXT NARRATION At the same time of the attack, there are skirmishes and confrontations between military and civilians in towns, factories and the industrial beltway and all over the capital city. Inside the building, there is a deep feeling of defeat, knowing that without the external reinforcement from the people and loyal […]

The Last Day – Narration Three

PREVIOUS NARRATION – NEXT NARRATION Air Attack to La Moneda Allende then asks his advisers and anyone unable to defend himself to leave La Moneda. He says “Anyone who has a field to sow or an unborn child has to leave”. He doesn´t want any heroes. Attackers and defenders agree a ceasefire, allowing six women […]

The Last Day – Narration Two

PREVIOUS NARRATION – NEXT NARRATION Salvador Allende Farrewell Speech At 09:20, the president is now aware of the critical situation and for the last time he speaks to the country. On Magallanes Radio, he delivers his farewell speech, while the Hawker Hunters fly over the presidential palace. Once again, the military ask for the rendition […]

THE LAST DAY – Narration One

PREVIOUS NARRATION – NEXT NARRATION Allende’s first radio transmission – Military´s Bandos Chile, 11 September 1973. At 00:00 hrs the military action begins with operation “Silence”, taking down several radio stations. At the same time, in the Ministry of Defence, civilians and military recorded the “bandos”, the radio transmission that will be heard during the […]