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The Last Day – Conclusion


According to investigations carried out with the return of democracy, in Chile at least 40,018 people were victims of abuse and violation of human rights and 3,065 were killed or disappeared by the military.

Nevertheless, 40 years after the coup with and 17 years under dictatorship, the social division that caused the coup in the first place is still present today in the very essence of our society. The difference now, is that there is a tacit understanding of no discussion of the subject.

This visual narration is an invitation to discuss and rediscover our national memory, presenting some of the events that changed the destiny of our country.

41 years later, it is time to begin with a consensus about what happened, to incorporate these historical events in educational programs, to understand that no matter how effective measures taken by the military government to solve the economic crisis were, they were carried out with thousands of victims.

We cannot forget what happened in 1973 and the following years, our society has to keep its collective memory. Without memory there is no history, and without history a country has no future.