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The Last Day – Narration Four


At the same time of the attack, there are skirmishes and confrontations between military and civilians in towns, factories and the industrial beltway and all over the capital city.

Inside the building, there is a deep feeling of defeat, knowing that without the external reinforcement from the people and loyal forces everything is lost. Sadly, the journalist Agusto Olivares, the Head of Media and National Television and personal friend of the president, as an act of dignity and seeing the final outcome of the events, decides to end his life shooting himself.

Meanwhile the attack on La Moneda recommences, Allende considers the possibility of rendition preventing in that way any unnecessary loss of life allowing all his men to leave the palace. However, he decides to play his last card.

The president through Daniel Vergara, Fernando Flores and Osvaldo Puccio negotiates with Admiral Carvajal, requesting some conditions for the rendition: the suspension of the attack in the rest of the capital city, the cease of the attack on La Moneda allowing the defenders to leave the building, no repression against the left wing and that the military junta has to be composed solely from the military without any civilians. In this way, he decided to deliver the presidency to the military forces but the dialogue between the new military authorities and the president should be maintained.

Via military radio Augusto Pinochet is informed of these conditions but he refuses categorically all the requests. He demands the unconditional rendition and instructs the immediate detention of Allende.

By 13:00 the weakened defences of La Moneda and together with the support from the snipers in the MOP building, still manage to repel further attacks into the palace. Nevertheless the situation is critical. Allende gives the order for surrender, and they prepare themselves using a medical coat as a white flag.