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The Last Day – Narration Six


Public Stament of the Military Junta After de Coup

The military under the command General Palacios has taken complete control of La Moneda, while a defence to the last is continued by the MOP, all the supporters and people inside the building are detained and taken prisoner. They are grouped outside the building with their hands behind their heads and laid down on floor, guarded by a tank moving forward as if to crush everybody.

Alone, the last defender and member of the GAP inside the palace is gunned down by the military forces. This is the last sign of resistance.

The military finds the body of the president, General Javier Palacios officer in charge of the operation, informs his superior:

“Mission accomplished, Moneda taken, President dead”.

The Ministry of Defence make contact with Pinochet through Admiral Carvajal to inform him of the situation.

People near to the president and openly in favour of Allende, are now prisoners and are transported to the Tacna´s barracks and National Stadium, ten years before the centre of the Word Cup, now a centre of detention and torture. On the following day the singer-songwriter Victor Jara is arrested in the Universidad Tenica del Estado (Technical University of the State) and kept in captivity in the Stadium but he is never seen alive again.

There are some pockets of resistance but the military carry out raids and forceful entry in factories, towns and universities reducing each time the capability for any possible confrontation.

By 15:00 through radio transmission, the military demands that all the government officers must surrender to the new authorities in the Ministry of Justice and martial law Is declared throughout the nation.

After 16:00 the fire is still consuming the building, the Fire Department arrive, but also the forensics and the Ballistic experts from the PDI. By 18:00 hours the forensic examination of the President is completed and his body is removed from the building.

In these first hours of the military government a large number of supporters, and ministers are kept captive, tortured and never seen alive again.

After 18:00 the curfew is declared, Even though some skirmishes persist in the capital, all the important pockets of resistance have been crushed across the country and the military control have almost complete control of the whole country.

The new government, the Military Junta meet in the Military Academy, enacting the constitution for the new administration of the country. The junta is formed from all the branches of the military forces and Carabineros:

General Gustavo Leigh representing the Air Force.
General Augusto Pinochet representing the Army.
Admiral José Toribio Merino representing the Navy.
General César Mendoza representing the Carabineros.

An immediate result of the coup is the pursuit of the enemies of the new state. The communist and socialist party are banned and their members are persecuted, the congress is dissolved, the agrarian reform is stopped, and in the following days and years, there were continuous raids and forceful entries of the military forces in several towns, universities and rural communities across the country.

All the ideals and any achievement of the UP and the Government of the president Salvador Allende are disregarded by the military. There are no ceremonies or funeral for the overthrown president. On the contrary, he is buried in an unmarked grave without a name in a secret location.

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