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The Last Day – Narration Three


Air Attack to La Moneda

Allende then asks his advisers and anyone unable to defend himself to leave La Moneda. He says “Anyone who has a field to sow or an unborn child has to leave”. He doesn´t want any heroes. Attackers and defenders agree a ceasefire, allowing six women to leave the building, among them the two daughters of Allende. After that several groups leave the building until 11:30.

In the meantime, from Peñalolen quarters General Pinochet is in discussion with Admiral Carval, the new commander-in-chief of the Air Force General Leigh, and other commanders from the Army and Air force, rushing the planned air attack and demanding the unconditional surrender of the president.

Due to fuel problems, the Hawker Hunters finally take off from Concepcion city at 11:10 and the attack will be only be carried out by 11:40. In those tense minutes, now everybody in the building has to prepare for the bombardment looking for protection and some cover. The first impact and the shock-waves shake the foundations of the building, shattering all the windows and throwing everybody off their feet onto the floor.

After 20 minutes of air attack, the building is on fire and any capability of defence has been reduced considerably, the smoke and the constant attacks with tear gas by the military leave the defenders in a very vulnerable situation.